Our retail shop has several parking spaces available for your convenience.

We are currently open 8 to 5 M-F and 9-4 on Saturday

We use only new brass with our ammunition.

We have the capacity to produce centerfire ammunition right now. We do not produce shotgun rounds or rimfire rounds.

We produce ammunition with components that we are sourcing from our distributors. The prices we are offering are fair considering the cost of production. In some cases, we are not able to compete with big box stores because we are sourcing components for thousands of rounds while they are sourcing for millions.

Cash, check, or credit card. There is a fee associated with non-cash payments.

Short answer is no.

Short answer is no. We are regulated by the ATF and touring the facility is prohibited for any non-approved personnel.

We are producing completed rounds and selling them. We do not intend on selling components.

We do not currently sell anything other than ammunition. We are discussing providing branded merchandise and some other items for the convenience of our customers in the future.

Yes, we can. There are some exceptions to this depending on the laws of your state.

For liability purpose we are respectfully declining reloading for you. If you have excess brass will consider purchasing it from you.

Come in and talk with us in person as there are many factors in answering that question.

This is due to the continuing rise of the cost of components and the lack of availability.