In today’s dangerous world and an uncertain market one of the ways to ensure the value of your investment is with precious medals. Brass, lead, and gunpowder have never been more valuable! An investment in ammunition is one way to secure the value of your hard-earned money. If you are looking to diversify, we have many different options. As inflation continues to skyrocket, ammunition will not only hold its value; it can provide you with hours of great fun, help keep your freezer full of fresh game, and ensure the safety and defense of your home and family.

Here at H&H Ammunition we use only top-quality components. Our ammunition is made here locally in the grand valley.

Providing quality jobs and quality product is our commitment to our community.

Joseph Heflin Owner/Operator of H&H Ammunition LLC

I was born in San Antonio Texas and raised here in western Colorado most of my life. My family has been American as long as you can be. My Great Grandfathers fought in the Revolutionary War at the battle of Yorktown along with the Texas Revolution. My Dad’s dad was a WW2 veteran, whom I never had the pleasure of meeting. The western independent spirit in him lives on through my father! He taught me about hard work and love of my country. My mother’s Dad served during the Korean War. He was there most of my life and taught me about hard work, and a love for the 2nd amendment. He also showed me how to become a crack shot. My mother gave so much to my brothers and I before and after my dad came along! She put herself through nursing school while raising three boys. She showed me what sacrifice looks like. We never went without because of her! I served in the US Army and enhanced my skills with firearms. After many roadblocks and a lot of sleepless nights, here we are! A dream company/ job for sure. I couldn’t have done it without my two friends Mac and David. They put all in to help this become reality. Lastly but by no means least! My wife Rachel helped inspire me to follow my dream. Her unwavering support, her grace, and patience has been my router at times. She always points me back to Christ and the Holy Spirt and reminds me of the love of the Father. Free of shame and without apology, I thank God for the abundance in my life and this opportunity!

David Howard Owner/Operator of H&H Ammunition LLC

My name is David. I was born and raised in Colorado. I’m a Proud follower of Jesus. I’m happily married to my wonderful wife Rinnah. I’ve been a lifelong shooter and advocate of freedom, especially the 2nd Amendment, which protects all other facets of freedom in this amazing country. I enjoy anything outdoors, cars, and music.